Hello. My name is Jarek Kwas Kwaśniak. I live in Warsaw in my beauty country of Poland. I’m proffesional 2D/3D artist working in advertising/film industry. I work proudly with polish RAUH-Welt Begriff branch. I fell in love with Porsche cars, so that’s why my projects are mainly related to the Porsche world…

RAUH-Welt Begriff Warsaw and 911Garage is official department of RWB brand in Poland. This is magical place where work people with passion and heart for classical Porsche. 911Garage is in Łomianki near Warsaw. This place is known by every Porsche enthusiast!


Together we create a collective of people with passion for the Porsche brand and the masterpiece of Akira Nakai-San.

If you are curious what I do besides Porsche and RWB – I invite you to my gallery on Behance

If you like my work or if you would like me to design something – Feel free to contact with me (click my blue pure777 logo or one of the icons below). Design is my passion…

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