In this place I wanna show you my ideas and concepts. There are posters for events, tribute to Master Nakai-San masterpiece and many many more…

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The Meet. Project with idea when the legend meets the legend. Tribute to true artists: Katsuhiro Otomo and Akira Nakai… Pure vector work.

– 1048Style / Kamiwaza Japan poster –

Great honour for me to design poster for this person! Artwork for Ichiraku Toshiya San – international director of famous RAUH-Welt Begriff and 1048Style / Kamiwaza Japan. Beauty sweet girls with RWB 993 Rough Rhythm and RWB 930 Kamiwaza…

– RWB  event 2018 –

In November 2018 the magic of RWB is back again to Poland.

This is official poster of this event.

– RWB 993 Kabuto –

This triptych was inspired by the anime of Katsuhiro Otomo „Akira”. I’m big fan of manga and anime, and „Akira” is a cult movie for me. Coincidence of the names of the master Nakai-San and film Akira is cool :D. Instead of Kaneda person, now is the person of Nakai-San, and instead of Kaneda’s  motorcycle is RWB 993 Kabuto – first RWB Porsche builded in Poland.

Poster of RWB 993 Kabuto in RWB garage in Chiba with another wonderfull designs by StudioHM and Group 6ix

– RWB 964 Yoroi –

Second poster in „Akira” style. Main hero – number 2 in Poland RWB 964 Yoroi.

– RWB 993 Kodachi –

In cooperation with RWB Australia, a third poster has been created. RWB 993 Kodachi is number 3 in Australia. It could not be without koalas bears, in the end it was RWB from Australia :D. Greetings for Chern Wong, who initiated the creation of this poster.

RWB Film premiere poster honouring Akira Nakai’s visit to build 2 cars in Western Australia (greeted by some friendly Aussies!).

Limited Edition:
Serial Numbered, 199 copies only
61 x 91 cm, 4-colour print on 250gsm high quality silk paper. Fits Ikea Ribba Frames.

– Der RAUH-Künstler –

My first poster related to RWB theme. Master Nakai-San with of course cigarette in his hand. Below legendary RWB 930 Stella Artois.

Poster in magical place in RWB garage in Chiba with another wonderfull designs by Group 6ix


This design is related to my project – MAN Behind machine – prestigous collection of RWB cars and their owners.

 – RWB event 2016 –

These are projects carried out in 2016 for the first RWB build in Poland. In the 911 Garage were born the first two RWB Porsche – RWB 993 Kabuto and RWB 964 Yoroi.

  Official poster of this event.

 – RWB Helloween  –

My variation on RWB and Helloween inspired by Mexican masks of death… Try to find RWB Porsche elements in this design 🙂

– RWB Christmas card –

These two artists are always an inspiration to me… Akira Nakai and Magnus Walker…
…Thanks to them I fell in love Porsche…

– RWB event 2017 –

In august 2017 the magic of RWB is back again to Poland. Two next RWB Porsche are builded in 911Garage – RWB 964 Megumu and RWB 993 Maihime.

This is official poster of this event.

– R you ready –

Poster for Honda maniacs. Yeah, I’m also a big fan of Honda. Japanese cars with soul. Dragons are inspired by oryginal ornaments from japanese samurai’s swords. At the top – „R you ready” phrase made with new Type R font ( I musted create this from new logo of FK8 CTR). At the down phrase „Power of Dreams” in japanese and the record lap time from Nurburgring…

– RWB 993 ARMY♥GIRL Bot –

In the name of RAUH-Welt Begriff was born original ARMY♥GIRL Bot. This project was inspired by one of the famous RWB Porsche builded by Akira Nakai-San for Hitoshi Hoshino-San – CEO of ARMY♥GIRL brand. ARMY♥GIRL is famous japanese fashion/jewelery brand from Tokyo, and RWB 993 ARMY♥ GIRL is prestigous symbol of this firm. My project is tribute to this fantastic car.

Why in this form? 🙂

Transformers and giant robots are great symbols of japanese popculture, and just are so cool… – like RWB cars! ARMY♥GIRL, 1048Style and Kamiwaza-Japan are famous brands associated with japanese tunning world and RWB Family.

This design is related to my project – MAN Behind machine – prestigous collection of RWB cars and their owners.

– The legendary EK9 –

Poster for individual client. Legendary Civic Type R EK9 with young lady.

Greetings for Wojtek – Drive 4 Life

– Turbo Love (celebrating 70th Anniversary of Porsche motorsports) –

Design for friends and maniacs of Porsche.

– Porsche 911 restomod by HOMA RS – 

Porsche 911RS restomod builded in Poland by HOMA RS company. Founders of HOMA RS are famous Polish drivers – Krzysztof Hołowczyc and Michał Małuszyński.

 To be continued…